What Is IUI?

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What is IUI?

IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) is a fertility procedure in which the male sperm is directly placed in the female uterus with the help of catheter.It is artificial insemination, which helps the women in conceiving. Dr. Nikhil is one of the prestigious infertility experts, and he conducts the procedure at the IUI Hospital in Waghbil.


  • When a female wants a donor sperm for getting pregnant
  • Infertility caused due to Endometriosis
  • When there is a factor of male infertility
  • When the cervix doesn’t produce mucus for easy sperm travel
  • Issues with Ovulation
  • When the women have a semen allergy

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  • A vial, which contains a sample of healthy sperm is attached to a catheter
  • Next, the catheter is inserted inside from the vaginal opening, into the uterus
  • Pushes the sperm sample in the uterus
  • Removing the catheter

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